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The Bride Wears Chucks

My film school batchmate Miray got married yesterday. Thus begins another colorful chapter in her life with Maki. *Insert additional marriage-related cliches here* Apart from being a perfect testament to “opposites attract”, their love story is quite an interesting one.

Let me sum it up this way:

  • SEQUENCE 1 – Girl meets boy
  • SEQUENCE 2 – Girl loses boy (He got assigned to Taiwan for 5 years)
  • SEQUENCE 3 – Girl meets boy again in an outrageously random chance encounter.
  • SEQUENCE 4 – Girl remains oblivious to boy’s unorthodox courting techniques, much to the chagrin of her friends.
  • SEQUENCE 5 – Girl finally yields.
  • SEQUENCE 6 – Girl loses boy every now and then. (Multiple overseas work assignments, this time in the U.S.)
  • SEQUENCE 7 – Girl and boy reunite for good.
  • SEQUENCE 8 – Boy proposes.

Well, by now, we all know how that went. Let’s see how they fill up the following sequences ;-)

So, here’s a toast to these newlyweds, a perfect example of two different people crossing paths and finding love in their common ground. In their case: Their unexplainable fixation with Chucks.

Congratulations, Maki and Miray!

The stars have finally aligned!

Gemini: Another Collaboration by Glasnost + Alati

It’s safe to assume that fashion is a foreign concept for perpetual frumps like me. I’d pick comfort over couture any day. But since I support my friends’ endeavors (and free booze), there I was at Prive last Thursday to attend the launch of Gemini, the latest collaboration by Glasnost and Alati.

Inspired by the mythology of Castor and Pollux, this summer collection represents the two sides of every woman, namely her “well-mannered graces and untempered passions”. These traits are present in every female, and while they are polar opposites, they are not mutually exclusive.

And these are the very traits that the brands’ respective owners, Stacy Rodriguez and Gabbie Tatad, sought to bring out in their collaboration – each item reflective of this synergy.

Read more about their collection in Glasnost by Stacy and Alati by Gabriela Tatad‘s respective sites.

Adding an extra touch of flair to the proceedings was this visually-arresting short film produced by the designers and OVERMIND Creative Consulting. It features models Pauline Prieto and Helena Belmonte wearing the creations:

The event also served as an instant reunion with my MDAFI colleagues and a bunch of other friends I haven’t seen in a while. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun with these people:

Paulie (who did the awesome cinematography) along with former child wonder, Sheena.

Ivan whipping his Elvis hair back and forth.

Joey A all the Way!

OVERMIND represent!

Gabbie possessed by Adele.

Make-up artist and the night’s scene-stealer, Carla Avancena

The DJ wasn’t the only one who got her falling love again. ;-)


Flanked by my soul sisters, XY and Tess

Actress Ina Feleo teaches us how to photobomb with style!

Congratulations to everyone involved in this fab event!

Kayo na ang Pag-Ibig

I couldn’t be any prouder. Ikaw Ang Pag-Ibig, our mentor Marilou Diaz-Abaya‘s latest film, scored 13 nominations for the upcoming 9th Golden Screen Awards which is scheduled to take place on March 24.

It’s the first motion picture I had any form of involvement with. Production was ongoing when I began my short film course in MDAFI, so we were required to drop by on set every now and then. (Blink and you’ll miss my “cameo” in the cocktail scene. Haha!)

Anyway, here are the nominations:

*Best Motion Picture – Drama

*Best Actress in a Lead Role – Drama (Ina Feleo)

*Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Drama (Marvin Agustin and Nonie Buencamino)

*Best Director (Marilou Diaz-Abaya)

*Best Original Screenplay (Marilou Diaz-Abaya)

*Best Story (Marilou Diaz-Abaya)

*Best Cinematography (David Abaya)

*Best Editing (Tara Illenberger)

*Best Production Design (Maricris Silva, Giselle Andres and Tess Rivera) 

*Best Sound (Albert Michael Idioma)

*Best Musical Score (Nonong Buencamino)

*Best Original Song (“Ikaw ang Pag-Ibig”, music and lyrics by Ogie Alcasid, performed by Carol Banawa)

To those who haven’t seen it yet, Ikaw Ang Pag-Ibig is undoubtably Direk Marilou’s most personal film to date. It’s a story about love uniting a torn family and spirituality triumphing over adversity. This is definitely a film you have to see with you’re loved ones.

Direk always told us that accolades don’t really matter. For her, as long as you continue telling stories and doing what you love most, you’re already sharing a part of yourself to the world. And every labor of love you produce is already a tiny step towards leaving your legacy.

But of course, it’s still an honor to be recognized for something you poured your heart and soul into. So to see my colleagues who worked hard to bring this together be included in that list is indeed such a thrill. My heartfelt congrats goes to everyone involved in this production. Best of luck on the 24th!

See the full list of nominees here.

Next Stop, Cinemalaya (Also, Happy Leap Day)

Trixie finally “meeting” her alter-ego Yannie last January 21. 

I’ve always believed that Leap Day is all about making all sorts of, well, leaps – of joy, of excitement, and in this case, of faith. Sige, pati na rin literal na leap. 

After serious coaxing by my scriptwriting instructor, Christian “X” Vallez, I submitted Hang Girl to the Cinemalaya screening committee this afternoon. It was, by no means, a well-thought-of decision but a decision I’m glad I made nevertheless.

If it gets accepted, I’ll probably be the happiest camper in the planet. If not, well, it was still worth the damn try and I’ll be even more driven to make another film. Win-win.

*Crossing fingers, toes and limbs starting now* 

I miss my crew. 

The Tugs Tugs Experience

Yesterday, my longtime friend Ivan wrapped up on his short film Tugs Tugs. And we can’t get even more elated.

Notwithstanding the fact that it takes place in a club called “Asylum”, the set didn’t feel like one at all. Yes, there were occasional slip-ups and snafus – that’s inevitable in any production – but the shoot still was generally smooth. Almost everything was done right on the first take and we wrapped up an hour earlier than the expected time.

Needless to say, I am proud of my friend. Having known him since we were 5 (I’m not kidding), I’ve come to see him as a very focused, driven and passionate person who knows precisely what he wants and will stop at nothing to get things right. I witnessed how he cultivated his passion in video production through our high school productions of Macbeth and Noli Me Tangere and how he eventually found his true calling to become a filmmaker.

And yesterday was truly a testament to that.

Plus, I think it also helped that majority of our barkada was there; common friends whom we both accumulated in the two decades that we’ve known each other contributing their time and talents to achieve a common goal. It was indeed a euphoric experience for everyone involved.

Now, I can’t wait to start shooting my own finals.

…But first, remind me never to use an iPad slate again. Hahaha!