An elevator angel in our midst

So someone finally had the guts to address our incessant elevator situation. Whoever you are, the entire building thanks you. We also appreciate the congenial, diplomatic approach. Had it been me, I would have written something along the lines of “Use the stairs if you’re only 1 floor away, lazyass“.

Then again, I’ve heard instances of the fire exits being locked on occasions. I seriously hope this isn’t the case. What good are locked fire exits when there’s, you know, fire? Somebody please enlighten me.


Gemini: Another Collaboration by Glasnost + Alati

It’s safe to assume that fashion is a foreign concept for perpetual frumps like me. I’d pick comfort over couture any day. But since I support my friends’ endeavors (and free booze), there I was at Prive last Thursday to attend the launch of Gemini, the latest collaboration by Glasnost and Alati.

Inspired by the mythology of Castor and Pollux, this summer collection represents the two sides of every woman, namely her “well-mannered graces and untempered passions”. These traits are present in every female, and while they are polar opposites, they are not mutually exclusive.

And these are the very traits that the brands’ respective owners, Stacy Rodriguez and Gabbie Tatad, sought to bring out in their collaboration – each item reflective of this synergy.

Read more about their collection in Glasnost by Stacy and Alati by Gabriela Tatad‘s respective sites.

Adding an extra touch of flair to the proceedings was this visually-arresting short film produced by the designers and OVERMIND Creative Consulting. It features models Pauline Prieto and Helena Belmonte wearing the creations:

The event also served as an instant reunion with my MDAFI colleagues and a bunch of other friends I haven’t seen in a while. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun with these people:

Paulie (who did the awesome cinematography) along with former child wonder, Sheena.

Ivan whipping his Elvis hair back and forth.

Joey A all the Way!

OVERMIND represent!

Gabbie possessed by Adele.

Make-up artist and the night’s scene-stealer, Carla Avancena

The DJ wasn’t the only one who got her falling love again. 😉


Flanked by my soul sisters, XY and Tess

Actress Ina Feleo teaches us how to photobomb with style!

Congratulations to everyone involved in this fab event!

End of an encyclopedic era

I was a socially awkward kid. When I was 10, my “best friend” was the family World Book Encyclopedia set. I would bring a different volume to school almost every other day, just so I have something to browse through during breaks. It made me instant bully magnet.

Then again, homework was a breeze.

Encyclopaedia Brittanica, you put up a good fight. Now rest in peace. 


Speaking of encyclopedias…

Long before The L-Word,  the all-girl group Betty sang about atoms (among other things) in HBO/ Children Television Workshop‘s Encyclopedia:

I miss this show. Used to watch it every day during summer in the i Channel.

(You know you’re a 90s kid if you find yourself explaining to today’s kids that the i Channel was not a channel devoted to Apple products, but rather the channel with the coolest cartoons. At least before the Bananas in Pyjamas came into the picture.) 

RIP Karl Roy and Bodjie Dasig

Sorrow is looming over the Philippine music scene today as it lost two beloved icons.

Rock legend Karl Roy, the charismatic frontman of Advent Call, P.O.T., and Kapatid, passed away early this morning following a long battle with heart-related illness. He was 43. Fans will forever remember him for his electric stage presence and invigorating the local alternative scene in the 90s.

Hours later, the industry was rocked with yet another loss. Singer-composer Bodjie Dasig, who penned hits such as Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Ko (the early 90s anthem for torn Pinoy lovers) and Nasa Langit Na Ba Ako? (to which his loved ones would respond with a definite “yes”) passed away in California. He was known for creating hits for key players in the music scene like Rachel Alejandro, Rico J. Puno, Ariel Rivera, and Odette Quesada, who eventually became his wife.

For as long as their contributions to the Philippine music industry continue to inspire, these artists will forever be with us. Rest in peace.

Wuthering Heights Goes Slow-Mo

As if the original 4-minute version wasn’t creepy enough, here is Kate Bush‘s Wuthering Heights slowed down and stretched into a staggering 36-minute TRT.


Is there a way I can convert this into a screensaver? LOL.


On a slightly related note, Kate Bush reminds me of Chanda Romero.


Hot Like Laava

My film school friends Tess and Vitte tagged me along to Relik, The Fort last night. Just to give a backgrounder, Tess and Vitte have the most awesome shooting gigs. Within the past year, they have done assistant camera work for a number of international productions. Last night was one of their wrap celebrations.

Before going there, Tess had already given me the heads up that they’ll be with this female Brazilian model who they worked with in the shoot. It by-passed me at first, knowing that Brazilian models frequent this country anyway. In a few years, Brazilian could be the new Korean and “Brazilipino” could be the new “Brapanese”. (I suck at generating hybrid demonyms.)

It was only when I got to Relik when I learned who the model-in-question is. Her name is Fernanda. Last nameBrandao. And as Vitte pointed out, she’s a huge star in Germany, where she was based most of her life. She’s graced the cover of several magazines, including FHM Germany and even achieved a fair amount of success as a recording artist in the early 2000s under the stage name “Laava“.

And there she was, chatting with us about her hometown and asking if the food in Dell’s is any good. (How do you say “Keri lang pero at least mura” in German/Portuguese?) But in spite of her European upbringing, she maintained that she is also still Brazilian at heart and even shared that she wore full Carnival costume in a previous shoot. As we ended that much needed night out, Fernanda sadly announced that she’s flying back home in a few hours. But then, as always, it’s comforting to know that she enjoyed her stay.


Our work area underwent drastic renovations over the weekend.

So my Disco Cube…

…is now a Disco Desk.

Now I feel like a hoarder more than ever.

Kayo na ang Pag-Ibig

I couldn’t be any prouder. Ikaw Ang Pag-Ibig, our mentor Marilou Diaz-Abaya‘s latest film, scored 13 nominations for the upcoming 9th Golden Screen Awards which is scheduled to take place on March 24.

It’s the first motion picture I had any form of involvement with. Production was ongoing when I began my short film course in MDAFI, so we were required to drop by on set every now and then. (Blink and you’ll miss my “cameo” in the cocktail scene. Haha!)

Anyway, here are the nominations:

*Best Motion Picture – Drama

*Best Actress in a Lead Role – Drama (Ina Feleo)

*Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Drama (Marvin Agustin and Nonie Buencamino)

*Best Director (Marilou Diaz-Abaya)

*Best Original Screenplay (Marilou Diaz-Abaya)

*Best Story (Marilou Diaz-Abaya)

*Best Cinematography (David Abaya)

*Best Editing (Tara Illenberger)

*Best Production Design (Maricris Silva, Giselle Andres and Tess Rivera) 

*Best Sound (Albert Michael Idioma)

*Best Musical Score (Nonong Buencamino)

*Best Original Song (“Ikaw ang Pag-Ibig”, music and lyrics by Ogie Alcasid, performed by Carol Banawa)

To those who haven’t seen it yet, Ikaw Ang Pag-Ibig is undoubtably Direk Marilou’s most personal film to date. It’s a story about love uniting a torn family and spirituality triumphing over adversity. This is definitely a film you have to see with you’re loved ones.

Direk always told us that accolades don’t really matter. For her, as long as you continue telling stories and doing what you love most, you’re already sharing a part of yourself to the world. And every labor of love you produce is already a tiny step towards leaving your legacy.

But of course, it’s still an honor to be recognized for something you poured your heart and soul into. So to see my colleagues who worked hard to bring this together be included in that list is indeed such a thrill. My heartfelt congrats goes to everyone involved in this production. Best of luck on the 24th!

See the full list of nominees here.

It’s a Macro-Nano Universe


Did you know that the T-Rex stood only 1 meter taller than the giraffe? And that Pluto is only about twice the size of Italy? How far does the universe really stretch? And what’s the tiniest a physically existing object can get?

Discover the scale of the universe in this informative animated diagram created by Carl Huang, set to the music of Kevin McLeod.

Pretty trippy if you ask me. Like watching a screensaver version of The Tree of Life. Some of you might even find it more entertaining than The Tree of Life.

Also probably best heard with: Fatboy Slim‘s Right Here Right Now or the overture from 2001: A Space Odyssey.