The Bride Wears Chucks

My film school batchmate Miray got married yesterday. Thus begins another colorful chapter in her life with Maki. *Insert additional marriage-related cliches here* Apart from being a perfect testament to “opposites attract”, their love story is quite an interesting one.

Let me sum it up this way:

  • SEQUENCE 1 – Girl meets boy
  • SEQUENCE 2 – Girl loses boy (He got assigned to Taiwan for 5 years)
  • SEQUENCE 3 – Girl meets boy again in an outrageously random chance encounter.
  • SEQUENCE 4 – Girl remains oblivious to boy’s unorthodox courting techniques, much to the chagrin of her friends.
  • SEQUENCE 5 – Girl finally yields.
  • SEQUENCE 6 – Girl loses boy every now and then. (Multiple overseas work assignments, this time in the U.S.)
  • SEQUENCE 7 – Girl and boy reunite for good.
  • SEQUENCE 8 – Boy proposes.

Well, by now, we all know how that went. Let’s see how they fill up the following sequences 😉

So, here’s a toast to these newlyweds, a perfect example of two different people crossing paths and finding love in their common ground. In their case: Their unexplainable fixation with Chucks.

Congratulations, Maki and Miray!

The stars have finally aligned!


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