Breakfast for Lunch and Dinner


I know a lot of people who consider breakfast as their favorite meal. I also know a lot of people who don’t wake up early enough, but eat breakfast food all day anyway. For those who fit into either category, this new place in Fort BGC, Taguig may just be your instant foodie Mecca.

The Early Bird Breakfast Club offers interesting gourmet twists to your favorite morning entrees all day, every day. With its picturesque, cozy interiors and inviting facade, it’s impossible to miss. I ended up visiting the place 3 times during this past week – once with my teammates Sheena, Redi and Hazel, twice with the 17th floor’s resident glutton gourmand Raf. So even though their menu is still limited (They’re still on soft opening), my multiple visits gave me a chance to try more items.

On my first trip, I ordered the Frittata (P275), or as I would fondly call it, “Glorified Torta”. Despite its seemingly diminutive serving, it was actually pretty filling. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have had that side order of hash potatoes. Their take on the egg-based dish contains cheddar cheese, bacon, and spinach: potentially a winning combination. Too bad I hardly tasted any of the three. In my reckoning, it could use a bit more flavor.

IMG_9474Redi and Hazel each ordered a variation of the longganisa dish. I wasn’t too crazy about the Viva Longganisa (P345), but only because I prefer longganisas on the salty side (My favorite is Lucban). Fans of the sweeter variants will probably enjoy this more.

IMG_9473Same goes for the Longganisa Crisp (P280) which is breaded and served without rice. It’s best ordered as an appetizer.

IMG_9477My favorite savory dish of theirs, so far, is their Adobo Sunrise (P315), which I tried on my third visit. It’s not as crispy as  you’d typically expect adobo flakes to be, but it’s packed with flavor.

IMG_20130130_182730Dessert seems to be Early Bird Breakfast Club’s area of consistency.

The Early Bird Signature Pancakes (P295) is considered of their specialties, and with good reason. Apart from the impeccable presentation, the pancakes have just the right size and texture. And while the combination of flavored butter, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and Vermont maple syrup sounds like a diabetes case waiting to happen, the sweetness is not overpowering at all. Definitely one of their must-tries.

IMG_9475French toast fanatics should also try the Peanut Butter and Caramel French Toast (P260), which also boasts impressive presentation and delicious, non-overpowering flavor.

IMG_20130127_012451Overall, a mixed bag. But I’m willing to go back once their menu expands. I’m looking forward to their takes on tapsilog and daing na bangus.

Early Bird Breakfast Club is located at the Ground Floor of the newly-constructed Fort Pointe 2 Building (where Pier One used to stand) in Fort Strip, Fort BGC, Taguig.


Faces of 5: The Music Video (TAKE TWO!!!)

Let’s do this again, shall we?

Last month marked a highlight in my brief soon-to-be-made-official tenure as an artist relations officer for TV5. I can go on and on about how honored I feel to have been part of this campaign; how it empowered me and gave me the experience I didn’t expect to get. Putting this thing together was no walk in the park. It involved contacting handlers, bargaining with schedules, thoroughly choosing best photos out of hundreds of nearly-identical shots. And that’s only scratching the surface. So when the behind-the-scenes music video started airing last December, it felt like a milestone, to say the least. I can even say that I’m almost as elated as the featured talents.

There were the occasional bumps on the road, of course. We had to create an alternate cut that’s clear for both online sharing and international airing. Now, finally, here’s the version that’s currently airing on TV5’s U.S. channels. 

Once again, I present to you: The Faces of 5 Music Video:

This week in fairy tale bastardization: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters



D: Tommy Wirkola
S: Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton, Famke Janssen, Peter Stormare


FACT: Fairy tales were meant to be scary, especially the ones by the Brothers Grimm. Most of us know by now that Little Red Riding Hood was about rape, Snow White was about necrophilia, and Cinderella’s stepsisters went as far as severing their toes  to fit into that goddamn slipper. This makes any attempt at a more gruesome reboot a redundant exercise, to say the least.

Norweigan director Tommy Wirkola (Dead Snow) must have missed that memo. In Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, he re-imagined the beloved siblings as badass, leather-wearing vigilantes. You know, because vigilantes from the Middle Ages usually dress like Matrix rejects. Not.

And if you thought that it’s too early for the talented Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker, The Avengers) to experience a career nadir at this point, well, think again. Here, he plays Hansel, now diabetic (From eating too much candy. Get it?!). While one-time Bond girl Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace) plays Gretel, now manifesting signs of troll fetish (Don’t ask). It’s been years since they were almost eaten by that gingerbread-dwelling witch; now they want revenge. Little do they know that their latest adversary would hold secrets about their bitter past. Enter Famke Janssen, channeling her villainous stint from X-Men: The Last Stand. Now, bring on the gratuitous blood and gore.

Faithfulness to the original story is the last thing you’ll expect from this obnoxious 3D reboot. The gingerbread house, for instance, is presented here as a mere afterthought. What we get instead are a dull script that boasts a confusing amount of profanity and bloodletting that will put the Saw franchise to shame.

Word of advice: If you’re looking for dark and gruesome, read the Grimms’ original fairy tales instead. Now, those stories were unapologetically and unequivocally macabre. Skip this.

RATING: 1.0 out of 5

Anna Litvinova, 1983-2013

uni20061822piu5ox6Sad news on the pageant circuit yet again.

Anna Litvinova, a former Miss Russia and Top 20 semi-finalist in Miss Universe 2006, died last January 22, 2013 after battling a yet-to-be-specified form of cancer. According to reports, she was diagnosed only one year ago. She sought further treatment in Germany, where she would spend her final hours. She was only 29.

Anna is notable for bringing her country back to the Miss Universe semi-finals 4 years after Oxana Fedorova’s dethronement. During the Top 20 swimsuit round, she was fondly called “From Russia With Legs” by commentator Carson Kressley. She also made a memorable impression during the national costume presentation, where she wore a skirt that revealed a different colorful pattern each time she made a twirl. In my reckoning, it as was one of the best costumes ever worn by a Russian delegate in that pageant.

Anna is now the second from the class of 2006 to pass away. In 2011, Mofya Chisenga, who represented Zambia, died of complications from childbirth.

Now for the eerie coincidence: Their respective counterparts from Miss Universe 1999 are no longer with us either. Alexandra Petrova (Miss Russia) was shot by an unidentified gunman in 2000. While Esanju Kalopa (Miss Zambia) perished in a car crash in 2005.

We hope that a similar coincidence won’t occur again anytime soon.

May they all rest in peace.