Theta Takeaways (2nd Quarter, 2019)


Takeaways from the last two Crystal Rose Room sessions (might add more, and no, that cat is not pregnant):

1.) More often than not, distractions and interruptions are external manifestations of our internal blockages (e.g. hesitation, procrastination, self-invalidation, just to name a possible few). The more we let them overpower us, the more we attract and surrender to obstacles.

2.) Anybody can express an idea about any given topic. But nobody else can express it your way. Your voice matters.

3.) No reaction? No worries. You probably haven’t found your audience yet. They’re out there somewhere.

4.) Knowing your worth even when others don’t is a battle half-won. Staying blind to it  losing the war entirely.

5.) Some of us evolve; some refuse altogether. Remember that it is possible to cut cords with those who act with malicious intent towards us AND still be thankful for the beautiful memories we’ve shared with them in the past (if any). Forgive. Thank. Release stale, toxic energies that no longer serve us to make room for fresh ones.


6.) We don’t always get to choose whom we deem worthy to be part of our journey. Sometimes, the worthy ones cross paths with us, either deliberately or randomly, and, with enough luck, they stay. It’s tricky like that.

7.) Your intuition is the greatest weapon you can ever wield.

8.) You have every right to protect and conserve your energy.

9.) Same applies in setting your boundaries. 

10.) You are good enough.

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