Hello. My name is Chuckie C. Chavez and you’ve just stumbled upon my repository of man-child ramblings. I don’t normally succumb to the necessity for About Me pages, but since this server insists…

* I graduated from De La Salle University with a degree in Business Management. What I do now has absolutely nothing to do with my course.

* I guess you can also call me a film snob. It all began with a self-imposed dare to watch every single entry in American Film Institute‘s original Top 100 list – partly because I’m a completist; mostly because I had a lot of time on my hands back then. My general interest has expanded ever since. 

* I write movie reviews occasionally. Sometimes, they get published; sometimes, they don’t. They’re scattered throughout the blogosphere.

* I took a one-year certificate course at the Marilou Diaz-Abaya Film Institute (MDAFI). Ergo, I’m an aspiring film critic who studied filmmaking. I’m self-contradictory that way.

* Please don’t ask me why I like the music that I like. I just do.

* The same applies for food.

* I sing. Sometimes.

* I’m an avid follower of international beauty pageants, which is just about the only gay stereotype I adhere to.

* I like punctuating my messages with emoticons and fake laughter. Hehehe  😛

* My weight “struggle” is officially old enough to go job-hunting.

* I tend to be emo, so I promise to try my best not to make this blog sound like my defunct LiveJournal account. 

* I reserve the right to disapprove comments that explicitly state that I tend to be emo.

* Choz lang. As long as I think the comments are appropriate and relevant, go ahead.

* The views and opinions expressed here don’t necessarily reflect that of my current employer’s , or for that matter, of every single company or organization that I was or will be affiliated with.

* All in all, I’m just an ordinary big guy with even bigger dreams. Subscribe, if you wish.


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