Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4: Showdown of the Pageant Alumni

The fourth cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model is about to commence. Just like in the previous cycle, three out of the 14 contestants are Filipina. What makes them interesting is their common pageant background. Will one of these Pinay beauty queens reign supreme?

Here they are:

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American Idol’s Final Top 10: An Initial Ranking

Consider this a nostalgia trip of sorts. Back when I still was deeply invested in American Idol, blog entries such as this were an annual tradition. I also did weekly reviews whenever time permitted, but I rarely followed through.

So, for old times’ sake, here’s my quick initial ranking of the final season’s Top 10, two of whom will be eliminated in a few hours (Boy, are they in a rush to end things):

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End of an encyclopedic era

I was a socially awkward kid. When I was 10, my “best friend” was the family World Book Encyclopedia set. I would bring a different volume to school almost every other day, just so I have something to browse through during breaks. It made me instant bully magnet.

Then again, homework was a breeze.

Encyclopaedia Brittanica, you put up a good fight. Now rest in peace. 


Speaking of encyclopedias…

Long before The L-Word,  the all-girl group Betty sang about atoms (among other things) in HBO/ Children Television Workshop‘s Encyclopedia:

I miss this show. Used to watch it every day during summer in the i Channel.

(You know you’re a 90s kid if you find yourself explaining to today’s kids that the i Channel was not a channel devoted to Apple products, but rather the channel with the coolest cartoons. At least before the Bananas in Pyjamas came into the picture.)