Third place is still a charm

And we did it. =)

Schucks finished third place at the Jack Shorts finals held yesterday at the SM Mall of Asia Activity Center. It’s an awesome feat considering that we were selected among God-knows-how-many entries.

Too bad I couldn’t make it to the awarding ceremony – we had an important topic in school which we weren’t allowed to miss. But then, it’s a good thing our director Kito was there to represent the entire team. I had to rely on his real-time text message updates, from the public screening up to actual announcement.

Pictured below: The trophy (which came with a complimentary Jack TV goodie bag)

We didn’t have time to meet up after class because the rain and the Saturday evening traffic proved to be an impossible tandem, so Kito decided to celebrate on his own with a quick caffeine and sugar fix.

Suffice to say, I’ve never felt so honored for making fun of myself.

Schucks is happy. =)

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