Hello again, Cebu.

Currently in Cebu to cover the TV5’s Sugod Mga Kapatid Sa Sinulog event.

We arrived in the city at 7:00am. Which means I didn’t have enough time to get ample shuteye. Actually, that one-hour flight was my one shot at salvaging some sleep. Unfortunately, I was seated in front of that one-man snore-chestra. Could have sworn he was almost as loud as the engine.

Breakfast was hardly Cebuano:

Breakfast platter from Bo’s Coffee.

…Either way, this should be enough to keep me up and about within the next few hours.

 Today will be jam-packed with activities. I’ll be covering a press conference with some of the TV5 talents this afternoon. Some of them are now starting to arrive in the hotel as we speak. Then it’s straight to the Fuente Osmena Circle for the event proper.  We’re also scheduled to fly back to Manila tonight. This is for work, after all, not really a trip per se.

 Nonetheless, I’m psyched to be here in the Queen City of the South again. My first and last visit was late March 2002. That’s two months shy of a decade, if you really want to be mathematical.  So, I might as well make the most out of this 13-hour trip. Later!

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