Rest in Fins

Our long-time “receptionist”, Angelina the Pouty Flowerhorn died this morning. “She” was, more or less, 7 years old. Not bad for a fish.

We bought “her” at a nearby pet store in 2005 when “she” was only slightly bigger than a danggit. In less than a year, she ballooned to 3 times “her” size, thus, we had to replace “her” aquarium. Now, about the name. See, we never really bothered to know “her” actual sex and “she” remained nameless all this time. It was only early last year when my cousin from Australia came to visit, saw the fish and said, “Look at those pouty lips. Let’s call it Angelina”. It caught on from there.

RIP, Angelina. Swim blissfully in heaven’s fish tank.


UPDATE 1: Saw half-eaten fried tilapia in the fridge later that day; asked out loud: “Siya ba ‘to? (Is this her?)”. The household help weren’t amused. 

UPDATE 2: My Tita messaged me. Apparently, she remembers the pet store owner telling her that “Angelina” was a male. (FAIL!)

UPDATE 3: Angelina is no longer a Flowerhorn. “She” is now an AngelFish. (Pucha, ang corny.) 

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