The Great Supermarket Raid

Jollibee on the foreground, Red Ribbon Bake Shop on the far end and bandelitas dangling the ceiling. One glimpse at this photograph and you’d think this was taken in Manila. If not for the occasional Caucasian customer, you would even think that this was on our end of the Pacific.

But actually, this is Seafood City, Concord, California,  the second of two stops of the Supermarket Tour held earlier this afternoon.  With Derek, Ruffa, Nora and the Big Time Girls in tow, we surprised the unsuspecting Filipino shoppers of two supermarkets (The other one being Island Pacific Supermarket in Vallejo) to promote Saturday’s show. At the end of each stop, the Kapatid stars signed autographs while giving away free tickets.

All that under 4 hours. Talk about adrenaline rush.

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