Highlights from the WTBT San-Fo Show

As expected, the venue’s wi-fi connection conked out as the evening progressed. So I focused mainly on updating the TV5 International Facebook page.

Here are some of the highlights from the show earlier:

Astroboy may be covered in silver paint, but his opening number was golden!

The main man makes his entrance. 

Everybody Baile! Lovely of the Big Time Girls donning a colorful costume during the opening number. 

No Other Woman, Part 2? Derek Ramsay is joined by, not just one, but two lucky fans during his song number.

The ever-exuberant Aga Muhlach hits the stage. 

A few inspiring words from MVP himself. 

Joe Estevez, the proudly-Filipino mayor of Milpitas, California is joined by Manny and Cynthia Villar in presenting the key to the city to Willie

And check out who just hit the jackpot! Congratulations, Aling Luna!

Ms. Reena and the Dish Team 

And in case you’re all wondering, yes, it was freezing outside.

ADDITIONAL TIDBIT: The Wallflowers were having a gig at the adjacent venue. I could hear them playing “One Headlight” and “The Difference” from where I was standing. I would’ve wanted to see that if I wasn’t on coverage assignment!

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