Anna Litvinova, 1983-2013

uni20061822piu5ox6Sad news on the pageant circuit yet again.

Anna Litvinova, a former Miss Russia and Top 20 semi-finalist in Miss Universe 2006, died last January 22, 2013 after battling a yet-to-be-specified form of cancer. According to reports, she was diagnosed only one year ago. She sought further treatment in Germany, where she would spend her final hours. She was only 29.

Anna is notable for bringing her country back to the Miss Universe semi-finals 4 years after Oxana Fedorova’s dethronement. During the Top 20 swimsuit round, she was fondly called “From Russia With Legs” by commentator Carson Kressley. She also made a memorable impression during the national costume presentation, where she wore a skirt that revealed a different colorful pattern each time she made a twirl. In my reckoning, it as was one of the best costumes ever worn by a Russian delegate in that pageant.

Anna is now the second from the class of 2006 to pass away. In 2011, Mofya Chisenga, who represented Zambia, died of complications from childbirth.

Now for the eerie coincidence: Their respective counterparts from Miss Universe 1999 are no longer with us either. Alexandra Petrova (Miss Russia) was shot by an unidentified gunman in 2000. While Esanju Kalopa (Miss Zambia) perished in a car crash in 2005.

We hope that a similar coincidence won’t occur again anytime soon.

May they all rest in peace.


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