Faces of 5: The Music Video (TAKE TWO!!!)

Let’s do this again, shall we?

Last month marked a highlight in my brief soon-to-be-made-official tenure as an artist relations officer for TV5. I can go on and on about how honored I feel to have been part of this campaign; how it empowered me and gave me the experience I didn’t expect to get. Putting this thing together was no walk in the park. It involved contacting handlers, bargaining with schedules, thoroughly choosing best photos out of hundreds of nearly-identical shots. And that’s only scratching the surface. So when the behind-the-scenes music video started airing last December, it felt like a milestone, to say the least. I can even say that I’m almost as elated as the featured talents.

There were the occasional bumps on the road, of course. We had to create an alternate cut that’s clear for both online sharing and international airing. Now, finally, here’s the version that’s currently airing on TV5’s U.S. channels. 

Once again, I present to you: The Faces of 5 Music Video:

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