Domo Arigato, Artisan Gelato

My appetite for ice cream can be described as seasonal. I don’t always crave it; but on blistering hot summer days such as these, it becomes a near-essential. That is why the soft opening of Coolato Artisan Gelato in SM BF Parañaque couldn’t be more opportune.

Coolato’s hard to miss when entering the mall from the 3rd floor car park. It’s only a few steps away from the cinemas. And its quaint, chalkboard-accented walls provide cozy contrast against the surrounding fast food chains. It looked so inviting, part of me wished it were situated in a more accessible outdoor location instead. Nonetheless, I was intrigued. After a rather unsatisfying dinner with my friend Carla, we decided to go there for dessert.

As if the posters and murals don’t emphasize it enough, Coolato positions itself as an ice cream lovers’ haven. But since they’re still on dry run, selections are still limited. In the end, we opted for the Cookie Butter Ice Cream (PHP120 without toppings).


The wait wasn’t very taxing because the ice cream was prepared in front of us. Upon placing our order, the staff poured the mixture from a tall flask and into a freezer pan. The concoction was then stirred and beaten until it developed the right consistency. It was entertaining to watch. Before we knew it, our ice cream was ready. (Snapchat fodder right there, dear millennials)

Coolato’s Cookie Butter Ice Cream with Oreo bits and Chocolate Pretzels, PHP160

The chocolate pretzels and Oreo bits (PHP20 per additional topping) blended well with the Biscoff bits and that familiar cookie butter flavor. My only minor quibble is that they should consider using bigger cups in the future. It was difficult to scoop without accidentally sprinkling cookie morsels on the table. Minute inconvenience aside, it was a great introductory order.

My verdict: I’m inclined to try this place again once their menu expands.


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