Sneak Peek: Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli


It’s been a good week for Jun Sabayton. And I’m not only referring to that Cinemalaya plug where he kvetched about the repetitiveness of local mainstream films.

Last Wednesday, he proudly opened the doors to Alamat Filipino Pub and Deli in Poblacion, Makati, where he is part owner. The word alamat has always been taken as the Filipino equivalent of “legend”, which is why it makes perfect sense seeing this mythological mural by the balcony:


But as Bayaw mentioned in his spiel, the original dictionary meaning actually transcends the supposed English counterpart. “Ang alamat ay matandang kaugalian” [Alamat means ancient customs/habits],  Bayaw explained. More than just a by-product of Philippine folklore, it also refers to age-old actions and traditions that create lasting impact and legacy.  “Tayo ang gumagawa ng [We create the] alamat“, he emphasized while closing his speech.

13895294_10153935669611871_373977454386365834_n 2

Jun then introduced the evening’s special guests: Dong Abay, who performed stripped down versions of his past hits, and Kakoy Legaspi, who played harmonica and guitar.  Halfway through, Abay playfully quipped that he’s not used to doing acoustic, saying that Noel Cabangon should have performed instead. That, and he also endearingly hurled expletives at Ronnie Lazaro, who was in the audience. Minor sound system issues aside, it was a solid set.


ALAMAT PUB & DELI is currently on soft opening and it’s located in 5666 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City, Philippines. It’s near Z Hostel, in case you’re wondering. 


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