Miss World 2021: The Candidate Round-Up (Groups 5-8)

GROUP 5 – Angola, Bolivia, Japan, Sweden, Ukraine, Venezuela

ANGOLA – Ruth Carlos. This human resources student channeled hints of Naomi Campbell in the Miss World Fashion Show, so she might been a close shot at the Top Model finals. Much as she’s very striking, though, she’s not considered a clear-cut contender at the moment. Much like Nigeria recently regained its footing, we can’t wait to see more Micaela Reises and Leila Lopeses from this country again soon.

BOLIVIA – Alondra Mercado. Just like Uruguay, this country has been left behind by its South American neighbors in this field. Only advantage: they did place here in 2014. This psychology major is polished and eloquent, but will likely be overshadowed by other Latins.

UKRAINE – Aleksandra Yaremchuk. She may not within the same competitive league as most of her immediate predecessors, it’s always fascinating to hear about a shy girl blossoming into a confident, self-assured young woman. Her introductory video was also among the best produced.

JAPAN – Tamaki Hoshi. Just like her Miss Universe counterpart, Juri Watanabe, this ballerina was also educated in the United States and returned to her homeland very recently. She may not be one of the outright stunners, but she’s a charismatic, eloquent speaker who might just usurp a Top 30 slot. She also placed 2nd Runner-Up in the Talent Fast Track.

SWEDEN – Gabriela Lomm Mann. Just like Norway’s Miss Universe contestant, this auditor also competed in Miss Earth’s “Zoom Edition” last year, which technically makes this her first live pageant. Though not one of the standouts, she does have the looks and eloquence to gain notice. She was also short-listed in the Sports Fast Track.

VENEZUELA – Alejandra Conde. After Ivian Sarcos’ 2011 win, this country shockingly spent five years “in the ice”, before it began placing again in 2017. It seems they’re back in full tremendous swing, as this medical student placed in Top Model and edged Trinidad and Tobago in Head to Head for a slot in Top 30. Now that the first step is over and done with, some say Crown #7 may even be within reach. Not a unanimous sentiment, but it is highly possible.

GROUP 6 – Belize, Guadeloupe, Kenya, Norway, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey

NORWAY – Amine Storrød. While the likes of Kathrine Sørland are still sorely missed, this figure skater’s journey here won’t completely be in vain. She made the short list in Sports and finished 1st Runner-Up in Talent.

KENYA – Sharon Obara. Normally, we expect this West African country to have the edge in the crucial Beauty with a Purpose Fast Track. So, it’s no surprise this 19-year-old continues the streak. Apart from that, she also secured placements in Talent, Sports, and Top Model Fast Tracks. Other African stunners may have secured their Top 30 slots ahead, but she’s likely to join the fray.

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO – Jeanine Brandt. This stylish and eloquent contender won in this group but got edged by Venezuela in the Head to Head finals. She may still be within striking distance of making the cut, but a back-to-back Caribbean Continental Queen title feels hazy.

TURKEY – Dílara Korkmaz. It’s frustrating how this country hasn’t made the cut since Azra Akin’s 2002 victory. This 23-year-old has the gorgeousness to possibly end the drought, but the country seems far under the radar now to be certain.

GUADELOUPE – Prescilla Larose. These islands tend to place high when they compete under the French sash. Case in point, we have 1993 Top 10 finalist Veronique de la Cruz and, much more recently, incumbent 1st Runner-Up Ophély Mézino. This girl has the charm but has yet to make a solid impression.

BELIZE – Markeisha Young. Destiny Wagner’s recent milestone Miss Earth victory probably means support for this tourism student will inevitably increase tenfold. She does make a striking impression, but country’s the status quo will probably remain here. She’s also curiously absent in the Talent Fast Track despite hinting at her vocal prowess.    

GROUP 7 – Argentina, Czech Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Jamaica, Mongolia, Netherlands

JAMAICA – Khalia Hall. Just to state the obvious, she’s from the reigning country, and let’s not forget that this pageant gravitates towards this island the most. So, even if this mechanical engineering graduate and chef is not an outright fan favorite, she shortlisted in both the Sports and Talent Fast Tracks. The possibility of her also acing her closed-door interview should not be dismissed.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Karolína Kopíncová. Just like Turkey, this country hasn’t made the cut in this pageant since winning its first crown. This journalist now stands a chance at ending that 14-year drought, with her placements in both Top Model and the pivotal Beauty with a Purpose Fast Track.

ARGENTINA – Amira Hidalgo. Looks-wise, this TV producer represents this country’s best shot since ending their placement drought in 2017. And given her profession, it follows that she has the gift of gab. So even if she’s only made a splash in Sports, she likely made an impression in closed door interview.

NETHERLANDS – Lizzy Dobbe. While the lowlands recorded lofty placements in both Miss Supranational and Miss Earth earlier this year, it’s strangely underperforming in the big leagues. This 21-year-old is cute and endearing but hasn’t made a solid impression so far.

MONGOLIA – Burte-Ujin Anu. We’ve come to expect this country to top voting challenges at this point, so it’s no shock that she won this round with ease. Botswana may have ultimately edged her in the Head to Head finals, but she’s now in the Top 30 herself. Her contortion act secured her this year’s Talent Fast Track win.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA – Lucia Benita. She’s a polished contender but stands little chance at catching up with the other African frontrunners. Aggravating matters is her lack of Fast Track placements.

GROUP 8 – Botswana, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, St. Lucia, Tunisia

ESTONIA – Karolina Kippasto. She’s a striking brunette beauty, who was shortlisted in the Sports Fast Track. She may not be a standout, but it’s nice to see this Baltic state back in the scene, especially here, where it last saw action in 2007.

BOTSWANA – Palesa Molefe. Her Head to Head highlight was when she demonstrated ululation, a loud, celebratory howling noise commonly practiced by Africans. But apart from that, she’s a charismatic and articulate contender, who’s now secured a Top 30 slot ahead of her considerably more hyped fellow African skinhead.

ST. LUCIA – Tyler Theophane. Since placing in 2010, the island paradise competed only once prior to this year. This Environmental Studies student has an engaging personality, but other island girls will likely take precedence.

ICELAND – Hugrún Birta Egilsdóttir. Being raised an athlete only means she’s a shoo-in for a Sports Fast Track, where she finished 1st Runner-Up. Other than that, this lovely blonde isn’t expected to follow the footsteps of her country’s three previous titleholders.

ITALY – Claudia Motta. She’s another stunning and vibrant blonde among the mix and made the shortlist in the Sports Fast Track. Much as she has the looks of a serious contender, she’ll need more than that citation to have a solid shot at the Top 30.

TUNISIA – Amani Layouni. Winning the Beauty with a Purpose round last year paved the way for this country’s first placement in this pageant after 1957. While not as highly touted as Sabrine Mansour, this accomplished athlete got shorted listed in the Talent and Sports Fast Tracks.

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