Sunset Send-Off at Uluwatu

I spent most of my last day on Bali‘s southern tip. Prior to that, I checked out of Bounty Hotel in the morning and met with my cousins in Seminyak. I was running late, so I nervously opted for the motorbike. With backpack hoisted on my shoulders, ill-fitting helmet on my head, and carry-on  snugged under the rider’s feet, I breezed through the Monday traffic and started my day.

In hindsight, the fare was rather steep at Rp60,000 (NOTE TO SELF: Learn to bargain!) and the rider asked for an additional tip. Still, I must admit that the decision put me at a slight advantage:  I made it to Made’s Warung 30 minutes early.

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Sunday in Ubud and Jimbaran

Compared to yesterday’s post-flight/hangover-fuelled frenzy, today was refreshingly chill. I woke up uncharacteristically early, with photo uploading time to spare. The hotel pool was still overtaken by partying Aussies. It’s either they typically start early or they forego sleep altogether. Then again, this is Kuta.

My transportation service arrived at 9:30am on the dot.

Today was devoted to the uplands of Central Bali – specifically, the mystical forest town of Ubud.

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A Glimpse of Tanah Lot and Legian’s Nightlife

Of course, I had no intention of wasting Day One in afternoon slumber. After a cocktail-induced power nap, I hurriedly booked a cab to Tanah Lot, West Bali – sleep deprivation and mild hangover be damned.

I can’t say I wasn’t warned about the sprawling Saturday traffic. And with sunset being less than two hours away, my odds of arriving at a leisurely pace were slim.

Fortunately, my assigned driver had keen sense of direction – in addition to being the second coming of Steve McQueen.

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Bali Movin’, we be Bali Movin’

I stepped out of the Ngurah Rai International Airport in a groggy daze. It was past 8:00am and I only had an hour of shut-eye. I will not delve into the logistic nightmare that forced me to push through with this trip alone. After all, this is Bali – the destination-of-choice for many soul searchers and solitary wanderers, intentional or otherwise. I’m sure the sensory overload will provide the adequate distraction.

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