A Day of Whines and Roses

It goes without saying that being single is not the worst thing in the world. There are a lot of other means to fulfill yourself other than having a main squeeze. What is Valentine’s Day after all, but a capitalist attempt to part the blissfully partnered from their money and subject the rest of us to gridlocked traffic. Why limit the celebration of love to that orchestrated holiday when you can observe it all year round (Holy crap, that sounded bitter)?

But being the Happy Network that we are, we believe that everybody should be happy, every single day (A mindset that should not be exclusive to Juan Ponce Enrile, mind you). So last February 14, the New Media department scoured the Twitterverse for tweets from netizens kvetching about their single lives. And, boy, were they in for a surprise.

We instantly got in touch with them and spent practically the whole day tracking them down, travelling to their whereabouts and giving them roses – with a little help from some hired, fresh-faced models, no less.

Watch their reactions (and tweets) in this clip:

Belated obligatory Valentine’s greetings to everyone!

And as one of the happy singles put it in the video, celebrate love every day. 🙂

P.S. The opinions stated in the first paragraph don’t reflect that of the network’s. 😛 

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