Hot Like Laava

My film school friends Tess and Vitte tagged me along to Relik, The Fort last night. Just to give a backgrounder, Tess and Vitte have the most awesome shooting gigs. Within the past year, they have done assistant camera work for a number of international productions. Last night was one of their wrap celebrations.

Before going there, Tess had already given me the heads up that they’ll be with this female Brazilian model who they worked with in the shoot. It by-passed me at first, knowing that Brazilian models frequent this country anyway. In a few years, Brazilian could be the new Korean and “Brazilipino” could be the new “Brapanese”. (I suck at generating hybrid demonyms.)

It was only when I got to Relik when I learned who the model-in-question is. Her name is Fernanda. Last nameBrandao. And as Vitte pointed out, she’s a huge star in Germany, where she was based most of her life. She’s graced the cover of several magazines, including FHM Germany and even achieved a fair amount of success as a recording artist in the early 2000s under the stage name “Laava“.

And there she was, chatting with us about her hometown and asking if the food in Dell’s is any good. (How do you say “Keri lang pero at least mura” in German/Portuguese?) But in spite of her European upbringing, she maintained that she is also still Brazilian at heart and even shared that she wore full Carnival costume in a previous shoot. As we ended that much needed night out, Fernanda sadly announced that she’s flying back home in a few hours. But then, as always, it’s comforting to know that she enjoyed her stay.

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