In the words of LL Cool J…

…I’m Going Back to Cali! 

More specifically, in less than 12 hours.

And as I want to join majority of the Filipino community in lamenting Jessica Sanchez‘ defeat. (Augh, might as well rename that show White Dude with Guitar Idol), I am way too overcome with excitement to focus on that topic.

It was only last week when my friend Krizzia informed me that I’m joining the TV5 International team for the grand U.S. launch. Yes, after the long wait, the Kapatid network is now ready to make its presence felt in North American shores and this will be highlighted with a couple of main shows, both in California. The first leg will be in Los Angeles on May 26, while the second will be in San Francisco on June 2.  I’ll be posting live Facebook updates of every single thing that happens throughout the launch, and you’ll be seeing them all in the TV5 International Facebook Page. I will try my best to update this blog while I’m at it, but the operative word is “try” since our itinerary will be very jam-packed.

After only 10 months (and 3 designations) in this job so far, I’m no longer a stranger to these short-notice out-of-town assignments. I’ve been through instances where I was sent to Cebu and Davao with 3 days notice. But this. This, so far, already trumps everything!  This promises to be my most exciting and exhilarating coverage assignment yet.

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