Told you it’s going to be jam-packed.

A few scenes before boarding the plane back in Manila:

 Big Time Girls Bea (left) and Lovely (right) snuggling in the boarding area. 

Talentadong Pinoy’s Daniel Darwin (AKA “Astroboy”), low profile without his hula-hoops. 

Halfway through the 12-hour flight, Willie took a stroll around the plane and surprised the passengers in our area:

Upon our arrival at the Hyatt House in El Segundo, Willie wasted no time briefing the entire production team on everything that will happen within the next two weeks.

Also managed to shoot a couple of quick video greetings before heading to our room:

Derek Ramsay


So, there you go. First few hours in a nutshell.

Welcome drink!!!

Gotta sleep. Early call time tomorrow, err, later.

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