Mission Accomplished in LA

1 down, 1 more to go. Thank you so much to our Kapatids who graced the venue with their presence last night. The reception was quite overwhelming, actually.

Everything’s been quite a blur after the first show. From the Shrine, we went straight to our hotel to have a mini victory celebration. I say “mini” because it was quite subdued and relax on account of the collective post-event exhaustion. But despite the lack of energy, everyone was happy.

Here are some post-event shots I took:

Fernando Carrillo of “Rosalinda” fame flanked by Ms. Jane Walker of TV5 Marketing and Ms. Divine Yap of TV5 International. 

Fernando with TV5 International VP-Operations Jeff Remigio 

Me with Aga Muhlach

Me with Ruffa Gutierrez

Ciggie break with Astroboy who finally showed up after spending 2 hours removing his body paint. 

And talk about Free Day Fail. We were supposed to have lunch  with the International team at the Sunset Strip earlier. But jet lag and exhaustion took their toll and everyone in my room woke up past 1:30pm. 😐 So, instead, we ended up having lunch at an outlet mall and dinner in my roommate Sandy’s favorite restaurant in LA:

For what’s it worth though, at least I found the time to buy some new garments.

Until next time, LA. As much as I wish to stay and visit some of my relatives (most of whom live 3 hours away from our hotel), I still have another leg to cover. Goodbye for now!

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