Return to Frisco

Hello again, San Francisco! Told you I’d be back!

This is only my third time in the city, but I’ve always felt some sort kinship with it. If Frisco were a person, it’d be like that really close friend or relative I don’t see often, but whenever we meet, it’s like we’re always together.  That’s what I feel about San Francisco. And that’s why I’m so thrilled it’s part of the Big Launch itinerary.

We arrived in the city at around 2:30 this afternoon. Upon leaving the airport, the entire TV5 contingent (sans Willie and his crew, who went on a detour trip to Vegas) stopped by for a leisurely Vietnamese lunch.  So leisurely, in fact, that some of us literally took time to smell the roses:

WTBT choreographer and dancing legend Anna Feliciano 

I’m also digging our hotel thus far.  Aside from having a huge lobby with free wi-fi, the Hilton Hotel is also situated near a lot of neat stores and sights. So it’s quite convenient, actually.

This scenic track is just a couple of blocks away from our hotel!

I’m guessing our schedule will be quite loose for the next two days, since the celebrities won’t be arriving until Wednesday at the earliest. So, until then, I’ll be posting all my updates from here: 

Not too shabby!

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