Curse my unpredictable sleeping patterns. I woke up past noon today and discovered that everyone had gone to lunch at the Fisherman’s Wharf.  Apparently, they were trying to call me up, but I was probably sleeping like a log. Once again: Free Day Fail.

So, I spent the early afternoon making additional updates on the TV5 International Facebook page. Luckily, I eventually got in touch with my cousin Andrea, who picked me up from the hotel lobby after learning about my predicament. After wrapping up on the day’s work, we boarded the bus to their apartment in Masonic. Which is great. Because I didn’t expect I’d be able to visit Tita Miday this early. And apparently, neither did they. I felt like they were going to squeeze my soul out when they hugged me earlier! Haha!

Love this apartment…

…Love the people in it even more! (From L to R: Tito Franklin, Andrea, who saved my day, Tita Miday, and Tita Lani, who’s here on a 2-month visit) 

I can’t wait to spend more time with them after the show!