Whereabouts for the next couple of days (or so)

Hello again, Puerto Princesa!

It’s very fitting that my eldest paternal first cousin Paolo chose to celebrate his 40th birthday here in our Lolo’s hometown. I never got to meet my paternal grandfather (he died before I was born; same as my maternal grandfather), but from the stories I heard, well, let’s just say he led quite a prominent life here – even if he wasn’t necessarily Palaweño in origin. Consequently, this is also where my father and his siblings spent some of their formative years.

As for me, this marks my second visit to the island since 2003. I didn’t really get to see much back then, since I was only saling kitkit in my mom’s environmental trip. This visit, however, should be quite eventful, not really for me, but for some of my visiting relatives from California and Perth, who haven’t seen this country in decades.

And it looks like Paolo planned quite an itinerary. We’re going on city tour in a couple of hours. So, later!

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