Ritz Azul and Marvelous Alejo in Hair Asia’s 25th Anniversary


Earlier today, I paid a quick visit to Hair Asia‘s 25th National Open Championship, which they held in celebration of their silver anniversary. Just like in previous years, the annual hair and make-up competition and beauty expo attracted thousands of guests – participants and exhibitors alike. Up for grabs in this year’s makeshift beauty olympics: cash, freebies, and a Hyundai car for the overall winner. It’s been a while since I last saw the World Trade Convention Center that congested. Such was the reception.

I was amused by the kitschy Parisian motif – though one of the Eiffel Tower replicas seemed a nudge away from toppling. Models wearing bridal gowns roamed around casually amidst the flurry of activities. Inside, Novuhair brand ambassador Abby Asistio provided entertainment through an intermission number. Her soothing vocals provided contrast to the busy atmosphere.

IMG_7677Each exhibitor’s booth was armed with its own gimmick. Some gave free samples. Others, free consultations and demos. But it was the Shawill Cosmetics booth, in particular, which reserved the most special surprise. Waiting to assist the guests were the brand’s celebrity ambassadors Ritz Azul and Marvelous Alejo. Photo-ops ensued.

Less than a year since joining the Shawill and Ivy Cosmetics family, both Kapatid actresses have levelled up in terms of projects. Ritz has started appearing in indie films, while Marvelous recently top-billed a Wattpad series. Suffice to say, their visit came in perfect timing.


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