Career Fest Crashers

Jobseekers who attended Day 2 of this year’s MVP Career Fest were in for a pleasant surprise when Kapatid celebrities dropped by the venue earlier this afternoon. The stars entertained the crowd in an intermission program hosted by News5 personalities MJ Marfori and Laila Chikadora. Their appearances were interspersed with motivational talks delivered by renowned executives.

Highlights include Talent Center artists Mark Neumann, Akihiro Blanco, Chris Leonardo, Alberto Bruno, Nicole Estrada, and Malak So Shdifat gyrating to Magic’s Rude. This was followed by an appearance by Tropa Moko mainstay Wendell Ramos and a raffle draw conducted by PBA players. The segment was capped off by two song numbers. First was by Talent Center‘s Marvelous Alejo, who took on a KZ Tandingan single. While the second was by Martin Escudero, who took on an iconic APO Hiking Society ballad.

Here are photos of those mentioned highlights:

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