Dolores O’Riordan, 1971-2018

I had the pleasure of watching The Cranberries’ Manila concert back in April 2012. Just like most attendees that night, I considered their music vital to my formative years. Everyone in his or her 30s now would agree. I had cassette copies of To the Faithful Departed and Bury the Hatchet. Zombie and Ode to My Family were my favorite tracks in my Now! That’s What I Call Music tapes. And really, who didn’t attempt to yodel along?

Screen grab from a fan-uploaded video; I didn’t have a camera that time. 

The Roses Tour was the band’s second Philippine concert in 16 years, the first being their Free to Decide Tour in 1996. Their 22-track set that night had its highs and lows,. Excitement was at its peak whenever they performed their 90s hits; not so much with the newer material.

One constant, though, was the energy that vocalist Dolores O’Riordan displayed throughout. Her swagger and Limerick-accented warble were still up to form, given that she was already 41. And really, it looked like she was having the best night of her life.

The news of her sudden passing is shocking; that much goes without saying. What’s more unnerving is the lack of clear details at this point. What ever the case, no amount of probing can discount the fact that there will never be another Dolores O’Riordan, a voice  so distinct and inimitable that it will only live on through her work.



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