Miss Supranational 2021 Candidate Review, Groups 7-9


ENGLAND – Sophie Marie Dunning. This self-defense instructor from West Midlands placed second to Bahamas in Supra Star Search. Fortunately, she was also granted a “ticket” to not just compete, but to also take one for the UK Team. She’s a lovely brunette with a sophisticated air about her, who also made Top Ten of the Supra Influencer challenge.

GHANA – Verónica Sarfo Adu Nti.  Thankfully, she chose a less hackneyed song for her Talent final, which is why she got to showcase her vocal prowess even more. Also, she won! And it doesn’t matter whether she’s sporting dreadlocks or an afro, her over-the-top personality and radiant aura are impossible to ignore. She’s another worthy African possibility.

NAMIBIA – Chanique Rabe. Yana Haenisch’s 1st Runner-Up finish in 2019 already proved that Michelle McLean‘s achievements were no fluke. Turns out, it would take a one-two punch to emphasize that point. Because, here comes another goddess from the Smile of Africa. This mesmerizing fashion designer may have missed the cut in Miss Elegance and settled with a shortlisting in Supra Influencer, her standout beauty cannot be discounted. And, as expected, she delivered a superb preliminary performance, proving that a potential winner can’t stay under the radar for so long. It would be unjust for her not to go far.

PHILIPPINES – Dindi Joy Pajares. Technically, she’d already competed for a shot at this pageant twice before – back when the Supranational franchise was still under Bb. Pilipinas. Now, she makes history as the Filipina sent here under the Miss World Philippines system. It seems that destiny had been grooming her for this pageant. And, clearly, she’s making every moment count. Her slinky catwalk earned her a 1st Runner-Up finish in the Miss Elegance challenge and a placement in the Top Model challenge. She also has a shot at instant placement as one of the Supra Chat winners. No doubt, this Philippine Air Force reservist is ready to soar higher.

ROMANIA – Anna Michela Ciornea. This Miss Intercontinental alumna was pegged as an early frontrunner months before the competition.And,lest we forget, this was also where the pageant journey began for Bianca Tirsin, whose Miss Universe non-placement is still largely mourned. Well luckily, this pageant tends to favor this country, so this dermatologist can still conceivably live up to the hype.

RWANDA – Anita Kate Umuraatwa. This pageant appears to have a soft spot for this African country, as indicated by its consecutive placements in 2015-2016. This year’s bet also has what it takes to add to the tally. She placed in the Top 11 of the Miss Elegance challenge.

SWEDEN – Jacqueline Rybak. She’s another beautiful brunette with semifinal-worthy qualities. As far as making the cut is concerned, it’s a toss-up among several.

THAILAND – Queenie Benjarat. This PR professional from Phuket is a worthy follow-up to the reigning queen, Anntonia Porsild, albeit not as heavily favored. And how surprising that she’s not in the Fan Vote shortlist. An auspicious finish is still possible. After all, she does have the regal bearings to deliver a standout performance and qualifying for the Talent finals could amount to something.


BOLIVIA – Luz Claros Gallardo. This bears repeating: this South American country deserves more breaks that they get, so whenever they send knockouts like this painter from Cochabamba, there’s hope. Her setback, though, is that she nearly tripped in her preliminary gown presentation. It will boil down on whether or not the judges will forgive those near-stumbles. Because, historically, and we all know this: some have gotten away with worse.

BRAZIL – Deise Benício. It goes without saying how postponements brought about by the pandemic compelled many pageants to either work around limitations or reconsider their existing parameters. Take this one, for instance: she turns 30 this year. Whether it’s a permanent adjustment or a mere temporary relaxation of the maximum age limit, it’s great to see this Miss International 2014 Top Ten placer still in competitive form and, definitely, still a shoo-in. That much was affirmed by her Miss Elegance and Top Model placements.

CHILE – Macarena Gutiérrez. It seems that she’s destined to replicate the narrative of her recent Miss Universe counterpart, Daniela Nicolas: gorgeous face but there are other Latin contenders who are projecting more strongly.

JAMAICA – Lawnda Shantell Jackson. There’s a bevy of other more favored ebony stunners, though she did show winning form in preliminary swimsuit. Also bear in mind that both her island’s previous placements had been surprises.

MEXICO – Palmira Ruiz. She knows how to flaunt her curves, but she’s not of the league as her country’s previous Top Five finishers.

PANAMA – Darelys Santos. Her placement in Miss International 2017 was deemed a positive surprise. Some observers may find her figure too slender for comfort, but that seems to be naturally her body type. Anyway, she rocked that willowy frame in the Top Model challenge and earned the title Supra Model of the Americas. Should she replicate or even surpass her previous placement, it will be 100% expected.

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO – Jenelle Thongs. She won in her Supra Chat group, in addition to making the finals in Supra Influencer, Top Model, and the Talent challenge. It seems a back-to-back placement is due for the twin islands.

BELGIUM – Louise-Marie Losfeld. Now that pageants have noticeably elevated their maximum age limits whether by circumstance or official organizational directive, it’s nice to still see teens compete, much more excel. And despite missing out on Supra Chat, this sweet-faced 18-year-old was rewarded generously in key challenges like Miss Elegance, where she placed in the Top 11, and Top Model, where she won Supra Model of Europe. On top of that, she was also awarded Miss Photogenic.Are we about to witness the best Belgian finish in over than three decades? Let’s wait and see.

GUADELOUPE – Edosy Grego. She carries herself with a hint of mysticism, but her presentations are raw. Her compatriot wearing the French sash has the upper hand.

RUSSIA – Angelina Gorbunova. Even the strongest contestant fielded by her country to this pageant so far didn’t even make the Top Ten*. This teen, more or less, belongs to that same league. Logically, she should follow suit or, even better, secure a better placement this time. Her late arrival may have accounted for the lack of buzz, though. Here’s hoping she’ll still be given a shot.
* – 2013’s Yana Dubnik should have placed higher.

SOUTH SUDAN – Amelia Michael Sky. She’s striking and statuesque, as any one would expect from a contender from her country, which by the way, celebrated the 10th anniversary of its independence this year. Just when the race for African-Most-Likely already felt decided, this svelte stunner won the Supra Model of Africa title in the Top Model challenge, and is now a potential win away from a possible instant placement. Can they just place the entire continent?

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