My Miss Supranational 2021 Final Wishlist

PICK FOR MISS SUPRANATIONAL 2021: NAMIBIA – Chanique Rabe. It’s refreshing to once in a while see a frontrunner emerge from outside the usual pageant-crazy regions. Behold this breathtaking beauty from Namibia, whose sparkle is impossible to undermine, much less ignore. Despite her underwhelming showings in the challenge events, she still effortlessly delivered an incredible preliminary performance that had her turning heads and topping lists. In a year that’s seemingly gearing up to be Africa’s most auspicious in this pageant yet, a victory would be an appropriate turnout.

1st RUNNER-UP: PUERTO RICO – Karla Guilfú Avecedo. She entered the competition under the radar, but as days went by, her challenge showings made it clear that she’s destined to go far. With luck, she might even capture her island’s second crown in three years.

2nd RUNNER-UP: BRAZIL – Deise Benició. This country has placed several times before, but it looks like it will take a veteran to finally break the Top Five. Her jaw-dropping preliminary performance was daring, but by no means tacky.

3rd RUNNER-UP: INDONESIA – Jihane Almira Chedid. Some fans believe that she looked better in her local pageant. Not that it’s totally to her detriment: she still has the gorgeousness to make it to the upper tier, and nothing’s stopping her from finishing even higher – especially if she makes it to the interview rounds.

4th RUNNER-UP: BELGIUM – Louise-Marie Losfeld. She may have missed the Supra Chats, but the powers-that-be are enamored anyway. At the rate she’s going, it seems like we’re about to witness her country’s best placement in years.

TOP 12 PICKS (Counter-Clockwise From Top Left): Dominican Republic, Netherlands, India, Poland, Philippines, South Africa, Venezuela.
Sash powers South Africa, and Venezuela delivered in both the online interview challenges and the preliminaries so they’re envisioned to be at least part of this tier. Also hard to ignore are India‘s styling and eloquence and Angolan-born Netherlands‘ strong presence; Dominican Republic and Philippines‘ Top 3 placements in Miss Elegance suggest that they can further excel in catwalk. And then, we have Poland: always a sure bet in this pageant. Plus, the host candidate has an angelic face.

TOP 24 PICKS (Alphabetical): Colombia, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Greece, Iceland, Kenya, Panama, Peru, Romania, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago.

Pre-pageant frontrunners Czech Republic and Romania may have slipped a little in rankings, but are still gorgeous enough to make the cut; On the other extreme, Ecuador and Greece were positive preliminary surprises and are now considered shoo-ins; Early Latin favorites Peru and Panama delivered as expected; same with Thailand, a worthy follow-up, if not as a crown-worthy as her predecessor. We also have Iceland, the Nordic region’s best bet and challenge favorites Trinidad and Tobago and Kenya, who could very well be the strongest speaker in the group. Finally, we have last minute favorite China, in the running for both Supra Influencer and Top Model, and quite likely charmed the judges as well.

OTHER STRONG POSSIBILITIES (Alphabetical): Albania, Bahamas, Bolivia, El Salvador, England, Finland, France, Ghana, Haiti, Japan, Nigeria, Russia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sweden, United States.

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