Miss Universe Philippines 2021: Eliminations (Round 2)

It was the most number of online challenges in a single pre-pageant round. The remaining 75 candidates were first announced on social media with their best Full Body Swimsuit Photos. Next was the Runway Challenge, where they each demonstrated their pasarelas on any improvised catwalk of choice. This was where you could see the distinction between those who have the machinery and resources to mount a breathtaking piece and those who had to make do with what’s accessible. But it doesn’t matter whether the candidate sashayed on an unfinished bridge or the sidewalk in their subdivision. What’s measured here were presence and skills. Finally, they were made to don plain white tops and wear minimal-to-no make-up for the Casting Challenge, which was shot from the neck up.

The combined total of scores from those three litmus tests determined the Final 50. Here are the 25 candidates who did not make the cut:

AGONCILLO, BATANGAS – Sheikha Manglicmot Calapatia. Of the four Batangueñas booted in this round, this half-Kuwaiti was the one worthy of at least one more shot. She’s in the same category as Lingayen, who was eliminated in the previous round. They’re both of Middle Eastern lineage, and they both have the facial beauty to continue impressing in future pageants. Hope to see more this one.  

ANTIPOLO CITY – Gliyan Marianna B. Cundangan. Her standout feature is her toothy smile, which showcases her bright personality. She also added a nice tourism touch on her Runway Challenge where she used her city’s famous spots as her backdrop. Much as she’s arguably the stronger contender between Rizal’s two-woman team, it still wasn’t enough to take her to the next round. 

AROROY, MASBATE – Jamilla Legaspi van Gestel. A celebrity already has her home province covered, but it’s nice to see this mestiza put up a fight for this long. She can still be trained.

AURORA – Charissa Claire Hilario Gonzales. This technically isn’t the first time her province is represented here – last year’s bet withdrew before the finals. However, it’s the first time they actually experienced competition. The overall packaging of this delegate is impressive, plus being an Igorot migrant in a province popular for surfing makes for a colorful tidbit. Her only downfall is that other favorites are emerging at this point. 

BATAAN – Joannie Lumbao. She may be from the home of Janine Tugonon and Patch Magtanong, but she’s still far from belonging in that competitive league. Curiously, the stronger contender from her province only represented a municipality.

BATANGAS CITY – Trisha Bless Hernandez. Ousted Batangueña #2 hails from the provincial capital. She’s pretty enough, but her catwalk needs thorough refining. 

CADIZ CITY – Vanessa Marie Vuelban. This teacher appears to be employing the same “against the mold” strategy used by a more popular aspirant, who’s an influencer. Too bad she was outshone, because she would have breezed through the Interview rounds. 

CAMIGUIN – Sherlyn Legaspi Doloriel. Though she failed to place in Miss Philippines Earth 2017, she managed to make a splash by being awarded Best in Swimsuit in that pageant. It seemed like she was en route to vindication this time, with her Runway Challenge being among the most skillfully made. Her Casting Challenge revealed a striking androgyny in her and, perhaps, not everyone was inclined to respond to that. Still, she could have slayed in the Top 30.

CARCAR CITY, CEBU – Jane Darren Genobisa. Her Top 25 placement in Bb. Pilipinas 2019 may have been deemed a surprise, but that previous feat was expected to amount to something here. It’s also curious that this proud Bagobo chose to represent a Central Cebuano city instead of Davao Del Sur, as she did in her previous outings. Too many Davao girls in the mix, perhaps? 

DAGUPAN CITY – Rio Gabrielle Ocampo. Styling upgrades could bring out the full potential of this student leader. She certainly struggled with those hair extensions. 

DAVAO DE ORO – Bai de la Cerna. The former Compostela Valley debuts under its new name. Nothing says “girl-next-door charm” more than doing your Runway Challenge in a condominium. But among this year’s formidable Davao bets, she was really bound to get the axe first.  

LAS PIÑAS CITY – Leonah Yosalina. It’s a surprise she even survived the previous cut, considering that her Introductory Video had no treatment whatsoever. It was probably even the worst in the lot. Much as her Runway Challenge was a huge upgrade, she had clearly reached her limit. 

LEMERY, BATANGAS – Sharifah Shahnaz Malabanan. Ousted Batangueña #3 has raw potential, but there was no way she could’ve made an impact with those scattershot video presentations.

LIPA CITY, BATANGAS – Jeremae Quizon de la Rosa. She’s lucky Team Batangas still managed to make it to this round intact, but boy did that luck run out swiftly. Her presentations were striking, but unfortunately, only one Batangueña advanced to the next round. 

MALABON – Lea Francyn Reyes. She’s pretty, but could benefit from more projection skills. The good news is she’s only 19. She has roughly a decade to gain more experience in this field. 

MANDAUE CITY – Chiara Alix Lim. She’s a striking and photogenic Filipina-Chinese, though not as highly regarded as her Top 16-placing predecessor, Lou Dominique Piczon. Unfortunately, she’s no longer eligible to replicate that feat. 

NAGA CITY – Jamina Bulawan. Her radiant smile softens her strong facial features, though there are fans who might have preferred her provincial counterpart, Miss Camarines Sur. Alas, it’s the end of the road for their province this year.

ORION, BATAAN – Kevyn Alessandrea Mateo. One likely factor she looked her best in her Casting Challenge is that she’s from the advertising field. It felt like watching an actual go-see. It’s her Runway Challenge that bombed. It looked like the wind was going to knock her off balance. That’s it for Team Bataan. 

PALAWAN – Jamaica Venturillo. It’s interesting how the two Palaweñas evoke certain characteristics of their island. The girl from the capital has a bright sunny aura, while this girl has alluring, charming exoticism. Unfortunately, both are no longer in the running. 

PAMPANGA – Camille Eloise Eisma. Half of the Pampanga contingent were booted in the previous round, and this girl was excited to at least fight for a Top 30 slot. Sadly, that’s just how the game goes this year. Though, there’s comfort in knowing there’s one more Kapampangan in the running. 

PASAY CITY – Isabelle Kristine Braza. While she’s conventionally prettier than her predecessor, she appears to lack the same standout edge. Still, she could have used one more shot. And on a trivial note, her Catwalk Challenge was shot in BGC, which is obviously not in Pasay. Then again, a handful of others didn’t even do theirs in the country.

QUIRINO – Xyrille del Rosario Caluya. Her landlocked province rarely sees action in local pageants, so it would have been great to see her in the stage rounds. Her Runway Challenge was among the fiercest, though she appears to lose that edge without make-up. Casting Challenge probably did her in. 

STA. MARIA, BULACAN – Peach Ysabelle Resureccion. It’s always nice to see a designer who can rock her own creations. Just like Miss Navotas, who finished a tier below, her sharp pan-Asian features may be suited more for modeling than in pageants. That mole does give her a distinct look.  

TARLAC – Farizzha Diro. She’s a decent enough debut contestant for her home province but was clearly outshone by stronger favorites. 

TAYTAY, RIZAL – Sierra Manasis. There’s an awkwardness she still needs to shed, but she did show promising form in her Runway Challenge – even if it looked like it was shot in a horror movie location during daytime.  

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